saba in book cover
Age 18
Born silverlake
Gender female
Height 5'3"
Hair black
Allies jack , freehawks, ike, tommo, emmi, molly
Enemies The Tonton, vicar pinch
Appearances Blood Red Road, Rebel Heart, Raging Star


Saba is a main character and the narrator in the Dust Lands series by Moira Young. Saba is a strong fighter, passionate, and considerably kind. She has a twin brother named Lugh, who she adores, and a little sister named Emmi.Edit

Biography Edit

Saba was born on Midwinters Eve (turning of the year--new years eve) in a town called desert town called Silverlake. To symbolize that she was special, her father gave both her and her twin brother, Lugh, a crescent tattoo. For her whole life, she followed her brother around and did everything that he did, even though he was only born about two hours before her.

9 years after her birth, her mother gave birth to her sister, Emmi. She died in childbirth, and Saba would go on to despise her sister. She blamed Emmi for her mothers death.

When Saba was eighteen, tragedy struck her family. Her brother was kidnapped by mysterious horsemen named the TonTon, and her father was shot and killed. Saba embarked on a mission to get her brother back, and dropped Emmi off with a family friend named Mercy. As she embarks into the Sandsea, she is unwillingly reunited with Emmi, and she meets Rooster and Miz Pinch, two seemingly harmless people. Later Miz Pinch drugs her, and takes her to Hopetown to throw her in cage fighting. She is nicknamed the Angel of Death because she goes undefeated for over a month.

While there, she meets Helen, a girl who tells her about a place called Freedom Fields, where her brother was probably taken. Soon after Helen is caught and killed, and Saba is forced to think of a way to escape. She also meets Jack, a mysterious young man who later tells her that he can help her get to Freedom Fields. Soon after, a gang of girl warriors called the Freehawks, led by Maev, help her escape Hopetown and burn it down. After Saba saves Jack from the fire, he disappears, and Maev takes Saba and Emmi to their hideout called Darktrees. While going there, they are chased down by